General information

Provider portal is intended both for individual providers (individual practitioners) and hospitals who provide medical services to people.
Portal does not support browsers that have third-party cookies disabled. Please re-enable this in your browser settings in order to use Portal. Some advertisers use these types of cookies to track your visits to the various websites on which they advertise.
To start using the Provider Portal, all you need is to register in the system and start the application enrollment. (question) To register in the system, on the Provider Portal landing page, click Sign In/Register in the top right corner and follow the common registration steps.
The main function of Provider Portal is enrollment of providers, both individual ones and hospitals. These providers "provide" medical services to members (people with insurance coverage) and basing on these services, providers request for bills/claims from the government. Provider enrollment is required to establish this connection between the government and provider.
Provider Users are external users invited by a Provider Admin in order to make it easier and fasten the labor intensive process of the application fill in. Invitation is performed via email and it takes only few steps to start working on an application.
A Provider User can perform all those actions defined by a Provider Admin when preparing invitation, namely: use message box for viewing and creation of internal mail notifications, sign an application after its successful fill in, perform application fee payment, submit application, get read and/or write access to specific application sections. This means that, for example, a Provider Admin can define whether one Provider User has full access to an application while another Provider User can only sign and submit an application.
Provider Users can be restricted viewing and/or editing one or more application sections. Moreover, you can restrict access to specific functionality such as application signing or submission, working with the Message Box, and paying the application fee. If a Provider User is restricted to perform application submission, he/she does not see the corresponding Submit button on the final Summary page. The same way, if a Provider User is restricted working with Message Box, he/she just does not see the corresponding menu option.
Message Box is a mailbox for internal mail purposes only. Message Box displays mail notifications received upon the following actions: application is created, application status is changed, application fee is paid, application is submitted, application is approved or denied, etc. Moreover, Provider team members (these are Provider Admin, Provider Users, Provider Specialist, and Provider Supervisor) can perform mailing with each other using the Message Box. Message Box cannot be used for external mail correspondence, the only exclusion is outgoing notification to external email address regarding a new mail in the Message Box.
Yes, you can. Each portal page is provided with a Live Chat dialog box where you can get immediate help regarding the work with the Provider Enrollment portal. The Live Chat dialog box is located in the bottom right corner. Click to expand it and start typing your question.